A Photo for Your Day.

Hello and good morning,


This photo may seem very simple or average to some, but as I lied in bed on this rainy Saturday morning I looked over and watched the cool breeze push and pull our bedroom curtain open and close and let glimpses of sunlight spill into the bedroom. I love admiring the little things in life that sometimes go unnoticed.┬áTo me this was a beautiful sign of Spring here in Indiana….finally.


I hope you all enjoyed this post! What is a sign of Spring to you? I’d love to hear.

Thank you so much for reading!



Spring Wreath DIY.


Happy Saturday! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! It’s been raining here in Indiana for at least 4 days in a row….I was in dire need of some color and signs of spring, so I took myself to Joann’s to look at the new spring items. After looking at all the beautiful florals, I got to thinking about how now that Christmas is over, my front door to my apartment is looking incredibly bare. So why not pick up some materials to make a DIY wreath!?



I am very pleased with how my wreath turned out, I wanted something simple with a small pop of color. The total for everything came to around $16 which is great! It was incredibly easy to make, just place the stems and flowers around the wreath where you would like, then wrap floral wire all around the wreath to hold everything in place.




Let me know what you guys think of this DIY, I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading!


A Photo for Your Day.

Hello and good morning!

For today’s “A Photo for Your Day” post I decided to post one of my many floral photos. (it also happens to be the background photo for my homepage) Now I didn’t just choose any random ol’ photo for today. I choose something that makes me think of spring or summer and not this winter mess we are living in here in Indiana today. Yes, I thought we were finally over all of this year’s winter┬áshenanigans, but overnight, we were hit with a very, very slippery ice storm. Roads were a mess today, my usual 23 minute drive to work (yes it is 23 minutes to be exact) took me over an hour and a half…obviously I was late to work today… ­čśŽ┬áNonetheless I prevailed and made it in to work today safely.

But to end this post on a happier note, what season are you guys looking forward to the most and why? I would love to hear your answers in the comment section! For me, hands down, it has to be Fall. I just love the sights and smells of fall. Colorful leaves, crisp air and apple cider. Yum! Also my house usually has 2-3 different fall scented candles burning the entire season and I love it!

I hope if any of you out there are dealing with crummy weather situations that you and your family made it safely to wherever you are going and that you all have a great rest of your day!

Thanks for reading!